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    1. I'm All About You
    2. She Wants Me
    3. Oh Aaron
    4. Aaron's Party (Come Get It)
    5. Stride (Jump On The Fizzy)
    6. Not Too Young, Not Too Old
    7. Do You Remember
    8. Come Follow Me
    9. The Perfect Storm
    10. I Want Candy
    11. Baby It's You
    12. Little Bitty Pretty One
    13. Summertime
    14. Everybody Stand Up
    15. Do I Have To Cry For You?
    16. Crush On You
    17. That's How I Beat Shaq
    18. Real Good Time
    19. Ain't That Cute
    20. Please Don't Go Girl
    21. One For The Summer
    22. Let Go
    23. I Ain't Gonna Take No More
    24. One More Night
    25. Crazy Little Girl
    26. I'm Gonna Miss You Forever
    27. Tell Me What You Want
    28. My Internet Girl
    29. Girl You Shine
    30. Bounce
    31. The Clapping Song
    32. I Will Be Yours
    33. You Can Keep Feeling
    34. Shake It
    35. (Have Some) Fun With The Funk
    36. Iko Iko
    37. One Bad Apple
    38. Hey You
    39. Cowgirl (Lil Mama)
    40. Jump Jump
    41. I'd Do Anything
    42. Hang On Sloopy
    43. The Kid In You
    44. Leave It Up To Me
    45. Tell Me How To Make You Smile
    46. 2 Good 2 B True
    47. Sugar
    48. America A-o
    49. Another Earthquake
    50. Keep Believin'
    51. My First Ride
    52. One Thing I Need
    53. To All The Girls
    54. She Wants Me (feat. Nick Carter)
    55. Sugar(tardução)
    56. Looking At Life Through My Own Eyes
    57. I Would
    58. AC's Alien Nation
    59. Children Of The World
    60. Get Up On Ya Feet
    61. Get Wild
    62. Let The Music Heal Your Soul
    63. One Better
    64. Outstanding
    65. Stomp
    66. Surfin' USA
    67. Swing It Out
    68. Through My Own Eyes
    69. When It Comes To You
    70. Without You (There'd Be No Me)
    71. You Get To My Heart
    72. Saturday Night
    73. I Just Can't Wait To Be King
    74. Life is A Party
    75. Snappy Burger
    76. I Just Can't Wait To Be King (disney Soundtrack: The Lion King)
    77. Every Little Step
    78. Go Jimmy Jimmy
    79. My Shorty
    80. For So Long
    81. Outta Town
    82. Come Get It
    83. I'll wait
    84. (I'll Wait) Forever For Your Love
    85. Sugar Sugar
    86. Candy Cal
    87. Fun With The Funk
    88. I'm Not To Young And I'm Not To Old
    89. Run Rudolph Run
    90. Eye Of The Tiger
    91. Imagine
    92. Girlfriend
    93. Uptown Name
    94. Enough Of Me
    95. Get About You
    96. Forever For You Love
    97. Get To Better
    98. With the Funk
    99. No More, No More
    100. Vindication
    101. Aaron's Party
    102. Ac Alien Nation
    103. Crazy Little Party Girl
    104. Dance With Me
    105. Introduction: Come To The Party
    106. Never Too Young, Never Too Old
    107. Oh No (i Ain't Gonna Take No More)
    108. To The All The Girls

    Snappy Burger

    Aaron Carter

    Suzy: Hi welcome to Snappy Burger, may I take your order, please?
    Aaron: Uh, yeah, can I get a cheeseburger with no cheese?
    Suzy: Sir, that would be a hamburger!
    Aaron: No, I want a cheeseburger, no cheese.
    Suzy: Sir, exactly what is it that you want?
    Aaron: Alright, alright. Hold the cheese on the burger
    and give the burger to me and don't put it in the package.
    Suzy: Okay so that's nuggets and an orange soda?
    Aaron: What? Can I have your name please?
    Suzy: Suzy Smith, why?
    Aaron: Let me speak to the supervisor.
    Suzy: I am the supervisor. You know what? I don't really like
    your attutude.
    Aaron: Aaugh! forget it! I wasn't hungry anyways!

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