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    1. Peppermint Jack
    2. I Stand By You
    3. Hit The Jackpot
    4. Friday Night
    5. Midnight Dancer
    6. In For a Penny, In For A Pound
    7. Once a Blue Moom
    8. Indio Boy
    9. High Life
    10. Marigot Bay
    11. Caballero
    12. Bye Bye My Love
    13. Tall Story Teller
    14. Jingle Jangle Joe
    15. Parties in Penthouse
    16. Roller Star
    17. Take Me, Don't Break Me
    18. Bellyache
    19. Hello Mr. Monkey
    20. City Cats
    21. Fly High Little Butterfly
    22. Fool's Paradise
    23. Heart On Fire
    24. Hell Driver
    25. Hi Hi Highway
    26. Lucifer's Lover
    27. Make Love Whenever You Can
    28. Young Fingers Get Burnt
    29. Bye Bye Superman
    30. Run The Show
    31. The End Of The Show
    32. A Flash In The Pan
    33. Look Alive
    34. Don't Wait For A Sailor
    35. Touch And Go
    36. Why Do You Ride The High Horse
    37. Born To Reggae
    38. A New Sensation
    39. Black It Out
    40. Billy's Barbeque
    41. Let's Make A Night Of It
    42. Love Is Just A Game
    43. Nights In The Harbour
    44. Pack It Up
    45. Plastic Heart
    46. The Only Night Was a Lonly Night
    47. Time To Say "Good Bye"
    48. Dance, Dance, Dance
    49. Buggy Boy
    50. Angel Face
    51. Stupid Boys
    52. The Rebels Of The Bounty
    53. The Hero Of My Life
    54. Like A Shot In The Dark
    55. The Doctor Likes Music
    56. Someone Is Waiting For You
    57. The Man With The Gun
    58. Six Times A Day
    59. Catch Me Tiger
    60. Give It Up
    61. In The Heat Of A Disco Night
    62. Rock Me After Midnight
    63. Dancing In The Fire Of Love
    64. It's So Hard To Leave You
    65. Don't Kiss A Crocodile
    66. Hey, Catch On
    67. Keep The Wolf From The Door
    68. I Don't Wanna Have Breakfast With You
    69. Hey What A Magic Night
    70. You Win, Hands Down
    71. Squaw
    72. Sunset In New York
    73. The Smile Of A Clown
    74. Stop Crying For The Moon
    75. Dreamin'
    76. Love's Like A Symphony
    77. Ecstasy
    78. Ladies First
    79. Tropical Summernight
    80. Stupid Boys
    81. You Better Get A Move On
    82. Sunrise In Your Eyes
    83. For Your Smile
    84. Loser Pays The Piper
    85. Zanzibar
    86. Surfing Bahama
    87. Prison Of Love
    88. Rainy Love Affair
    89. Moorea
    90. Don't Fall Away From Me
    91. Discover Me
    92. Why No Reply

    Bye Bye My Love


    Bye bye my love, Bye bye my love
    From the beginning I have told you so
    Told you so
    I cannot stay, I'll have to go
    I'd like to be with you for ever more
    Ever more
    But don't you try to close the door
    It will be tonight or never
    Then I'll say goodbye forever
    Though I know that I'll be not the same
    * Bye bye my love,
    Bye bye my only love me
    Bye bye my love
    Don't cry when I am gone
    You've seen the last of me today
    You always knew I couldn't stay
    But now that you kiss me this way
    I feel it's hard for me to say
    Bye bye my love
    Bye bye my only love
    Bye bye my love
    Love goodbye
    Bye bye my love, Bye bye my love
    My heart is asking: "Where do I belong"
    I belong
    But how can I tell right from wrong
    I'd like to be with him for evermore
    Ever more
    But still I left and closed the door
    Going back would mean I'd never
    Say again: "Goodbye forever"
    But it cannot be, my heart's not free
    * (Repeat)
    Bye bye my love, Bye bye my love
    Bye bye my love
    Bye bye my only love
    Bye bye my love
    Don't cry when I am gone...

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