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    1. Only Time
    2. Orinoco Flow
    3. Caribbean Blue
    4. May It Be
    5. Amarantine
    6. Anywhere Is
    7. Adeste, Fideles
    8. Angeles
    9. Book Of Days
    10. It's in The Rain
    11. The Celts
    12. Only If
    13. Storms In Africa
    14. Wild Child
    15. If I Could Be Where You Are
    16. Exile
    17. Evening Falls...
    18. Watermark
    19. China Roses
    20. One By One
    21. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
    22. On My Way Home
    23. Aníron (I Desire)
    24. Flora's Secret
    25. Ebudæ
    26. Cursum Perficio
    27. Fairytale
    28. Dreams
    29. A Day Without Rain
    30. Dreams Are More Precious
    31. Journey Of The Angels
    32. The Memory Of Trees
    33. On Your Shore
    34. Pax Deorum
    35. Athair Ar Neamh
    36. My! My! Time Flies!
    37. Lazy Days
    38. Storms In Africa II
    39. A Moment Lost
    40. Trains And Winter Rains
    41. Shepherd Moons
    42. I Want Tomorrow
    43. Afer Ventus
    44. 'S Fagaim Mo Bhaile
    45. Water Shows The Hidden Heart
    46. Miraculum
    47. How Can I Keep From Singing?
    48. Long Long Journey
    49. Smaointe...
    50. Stars And Midnight Blue
    51. Aldebaran
    52. Marble Halls
    53. Paint The Sky With Stars
    54. Tempus Vernum
    55. The Longships
    56. The River Sings
    57. Boadicea
    58. Na Laetha Geal M'Óige
    59. Hope Has A Place
    60. Less Than A Pearl
    61. The Magic Of The Night
    62. March Of The Celts
    63. Pilgrim
    64. Song Of The Sandman
    65. Fallen Embers
    66. Epona
    67. Spirit Of Christmas Past
    68. Dan Y Dwr
    69. Isobella
    70. Oíche Chiúin
    71. La Soñadora
    72. Eclipse
    73. Someone Said Goodbye
    74. Sumiregusa
    75. Last Time By Moonlight
    76. River
    77. Once You Had Gold
    78. Lothlorien
    79. And Winter Came
    80. The Spaghetti Western (Theme from The Celts)
    81. The Promise
    82. Triad: St. Patrick, Cú Chulainn, Oisín
    83. The First Of Autumn
    84. Amid The Falling Snow
    85. The Frog Prince
    86. White Is In The Winter Night
    87. Drifting
    88. Bard Dance
    89. The Spirit Of The Christmas Past
    90. Miss Clare Remembers
    91. Evacuee
    92. I May Not Awaken
    93. As Baile
    94. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
    95. One Toy Soldier
    96. From Where I Am
    97. An Ghaoth Ón Ghrian
    98. No Holly for Miss Quinn
    99. Morning Glory
    100. To Go Beyond (I)
    101. The Comb of the Winds
    102. Tea-House Moon
    103. Silver Inches
    104. Christmas Secrets
    105. Deireadh An Tuath
    106. Deora Ar Mo Chroí
    107. Less Than a Pearl - Loxian
    108. The Spirit Of Christmas Past
    109. Willows On The Water
    110. The Sun in the Stream
    111. Oriel Window
    112. Midnight Blue
    113. To Go Beyond (II)

    Only Time


    Composição: Enya / Nicky Ryan / Roma Ryan

    Who can say where the road goes?
    Where the day flows?
    Only time

    And who can say if your love grows
    As your heart chose?
    Only time

    Who can say why your heart sighs
    As your love lies?
    Only time

    And who can say why your heart cries
    When your love dies?
    Only time

    Who can say when the roads meet
    That love might be
    In your heart?

    And who can say when the day sleeps
    If the night keeps all your heart?
    Night keeps all your heart

    Who can say if your love grows
    As your heart chose?
    Only time

    And who can say where the road goes?
    Where the day flows?
    Only time

    Who knows?
    Only time

    Who knows?
    Only time

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