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    1. Best Of Both Worlds
    2. True Friend
    3. I'll Always Remember You
    4. (Let's Get) Crazy
    5. Butterfly Fly Away
    6. Wherever I Go
    7. Ordinary Girl
    8. Hoedown Throwdown
    9. One In a Million
    10. If We Were A Movie
    11. Nobody's Perfect
    12. A Dança Dos Ossos
    13. Best Of Both Worlds
    14. You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home
    15. Rock Star
    16. He Could Be The One
    17. Party In The U.S.A.
    18. Love That Let's Go
    19. I Miss You
    20. SuperGirl
    21. Dream
    22. Been Here All Along
    23. Que Sera
    24. Kiss It Goodbye
    25. This Is The Life
    26. I Wanna Know You
    27. Just Like You
    28. Barefoot Cinderella
    29. Make Some Noise
    30. Gonna Get This (feat. Iyaz)
    31. Who Said
    32. Ice Cream Freeze (Lets Chill)
    33. 7 Things
    34. Every Part Of Me
    35. I Got Nerve
    36. Are You Ready (Superstar)
    37. I Wanna Know You (Feat. David Archuleta)
    38. Need a Little Love
    39. I'm Still Good
    40. Don't Walk Away
    41. Pumpin' Up The Party
    42. Goodbye
    43. The Other Side Of Me
    44. G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)
    45. Don't Wanna Be Torn
    46. When I Look At You
    47. Pop Princess
    48. Far Away
    49. Crazier
    50. Gonna Get This (Feat. Iyaz)
    51. You And Me Together
    52. I Wanna Believe In Love
    53. The Good Life
    54. If We Were A Movie (feat. Corbin Bleu)
    55. SuperStar
    56. Hannah Montana This Boy That Girl
    57. I Learned From You (Feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)
    58. We Got The Party
    59. Old Blue Jeans
    60. Let's Dance
    61. Let's Chill
    62. Let's do This
    63. Mixed up
    64. An Ordinary Girl
    65. Life's What You Make It
    66. Bigger Than Us
    67. Ready, Set, Don't Go (Feat. Billy Ray Cyrus)
    68. She's No You (feat. Jesse Mc Cartney)
    69. Real Friends
    70. Just a Girl
    71. Spotlight
    72. A,B,C Of Miley
    73. Find Yourself In You
    74. See You Again
    75. Start All Over
    76. All I Want For Christmas Is You
    77. Zip a Dee Doo Dah
    78. I Hope You Find It
    79. Let's Get Crazy
    80. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
    81. Shining Star
    82. As I Am
    83. Maplebrook
    84. I Thought I Lost You
    85. What's Not To Like
    86. School Love
    87. GNO
    88. Morning Sun (feat. Justin Bieber)
    89. Rico and Jackson - He Could Be The Same
    90. Backwards
    91. Everything I Want
    92. The Bone Dance
    93. East Northumberland High
    94. Clear
    95. Cheese Jerky
    96. Kiss The Girl (feat. Ashley Tisdale)
    97. Look me in the eyes (Feat Jonas Brothers)
    98. Simple Song
    99. It's All Right Here
    100. It's All Right Here
    101. Back To Tennesse
    102. Kicking And Screaming
    103. Full Circle
    104. Before The Storm (feat. Nick Jonas)
    105. Who Owns My Heart
    106. My Heart Beats For Love
    107. Part of Your world
    108. Right Here
    109. No stopping me
    110. Nobody Can Change This
    111. Thinking Of You
    112. Breakout
    113. Fly On The Wall
    114. Bottom Of The Ocean
    115. Colors Of The Wind
    116. Everyday
    117. Someday
    118. Blacklisted
    119. Chris Cox Megamix
    120. Rico e Jackson - Ele Poderia Ser O Mesmo
    121. Obsessed
    122. Talk Is Cheap
    123. Stand
    124. Things Happen For a Reason
    125. Good and Broken
    126. Attached
    127. Handprint On My Heart
    128. Life Has A Rating
    129. Life Has Its Own Route
    130. Oh Wait, It's Me
    131. Think this Over
    132. Not this girl
    133. Double Life
    134. These Four Walls
    135. Worth It
    136. The Driveaway
    137. Rap do Robbie Ray
    138. Straight ahead
    139. Blinded
    140. Still There For Me

    Butterfly Fly Away

    Hannah Montana

    Composição: Alan Silvestri / Glen Ballard

    You tucked me in, turn out the light
    Kept me safe and sound at night
    Little girls depend on things like that

    Brushed my teeth and combed my hair
    Had to drive me everywhere
    You were always there when I looked back

    You had to do it all alone
    Make a live and make a home
    Must of been as hard as it could've be

    And when I couldn't sleep at night
    Scared things wouldn't turn out right
    You were there to hold my hand and sing to me

    Catepillar in the tree
    How you wonder who you'll be
    Can't go far but you can always dream

    Wish you may and wish you might
    Don't you worry, hold on tight
    I promise you there will come a day
    Butterfly fly away

    Butterfly fly away
    Butterfly fly away

    Got your wings, now you can stay
    Take those dreams
    And you can make them all come true

    Butterfly fly away
    Butterfly fly away

    You've been waiting for this day
    All along and know just what to do

    Butterfly fly away

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