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    1. Love To My Cobain
    2. Bitch, Please!
    3. Lollipop Luxury (feat. Nicki Minaj)
    4. Blow Me
    5. Beauty Killer
    6. Get Away With Murder
    7. Prom Night
    8. I'm In Love (With A Killer)
    9. Mr. Diva
    10. Miss Boombox
    11. Blush
    12. Ice Cream
    13. Virginity
    14. Cupcakes Taste Like Violence
    15. Prisoner
    16. God Hates Your Outfit
    17. Kiss It Better
    18. Legs Up
    19. Burning Up (feat. It Boys!)
    20. Plastic Surgery Slumber Party
    21. We Want Cunt
    22. Eyelash Curlers & Butcher Knives
    23. So Fierce
    24. Boom Boom Pow (Jeffree Star Remix)
    25. Oh My God
    26. Happy Birthday
    27. Emo Kid
    28. Don't Cha
    29. Picture Perfect
    30. Starstruck
    31. Love Rhymes With Fuck You
    32. Fresh Meat
    33. Queen Of The Club Scene
    34. Bad Girls
    35. Size Of Your Boat (feat. Muffy)
    36. If It Kills Me
    37. I Fell In Love For The First Time
    38. Best. Night. Ever.
    39. Straight Boys
    40. The kids
    41. Louis Vuitton
    42. Heart Surgery Isn't That Bad...
    43. I Hate Music
    44. Louis Vuitton Body Bag
    45. Gorgeous
    46. Purr Like A Cat
    47. Size Of Your Boat (Feat. T. Mills)
    48. Addicted To You (feat.electric Valentine)
    49. Catch Me If You Can (feat. Millionaires)
    50. California Love (feat School Boy Humor)
    51. Sexin' On The Dancefloor
    52. Your Heart Is My Piñata
    53. In My Pocket
    54. Poison Apple (feat. Blood On The Dance Floor)
    55. Turn Off The Lights
    56. KnifeCalle
    57. Push (Feat. Jeffree Star and Ben Moody)
    58. Myspace
    59. Texxx Bomb
    60. I Must Be Emo
    61. Fame & Riches, Rehab Bitches (Feat Breathe Carolina)
    62. Get Physical
    63. Electric Sugar Pop
    64. Party Crusher
    65. Blood On The Dance Floor
    66. Inject Me Sweetly (Feat. Blood On The Dance Floor)
    67. Scene For Dummies (Feat. Hollywood Undead)
    68. Just Dance (Feat. It Boys!)
    69. Heart Raper (Gods Paparazzi aka Lucian Walker feat. Jeffree Star)
    70. Break Them Wallz (Feat. 9 Lives)
    71. Freakshow (feat. Drummerboy)
    72. Miss Behavin
    73. I Dare U
    74. Clothes Come Off
    75. Take A Bit

    Purr Like A Cat

    Jeffree Star

    Bitches love me like my name's Justin Bieber, Deep throat so good, give every boy a fever.
    Wake up every morning feelin' like P.Diddy, Why the fuck is there money in my grandmas pussy?
    Legs around the pole, hickey marks on my neck, cum say hey to my Hello Kitty cervexx.
    I'm a rolloer coaster ride, you know I'm good, got with Adam Lambert, even fucked Tiger Woods..
    (Owww… What?)
    My mouth is V.I.P, weave like Beyonce, lips like Jay-Z.
    I'm bout to do a back bender, make you go POP!
    You wanna lick this? Lipgloss & lollipop!
    Sorry, I'm so dirty, so d-d-dirty.. Show me your wee wee!
    Sucky sucky fucky fucky happy happy ending..
    (HIYAH… hahah Whatever!)

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