Young Love


Young love, real love, young love, real love
Maybe it's a young love but it's real love
Even though I can't explain it but I'm in love

Many times, don't know what to say
When I go down on my knees and pray
All I know is He answers me
I'm thankful that He hears me
And He knows it's me

Many times I'm caught in the middle of a rock
In a hard place (hard place)
I don't know how he does it
But He gives me peace within
But the heart really ain't no business in love

Maybe it's a young love, real love
Young love, real love, maybe it's a young
But it's real love even though I can't explain it
But I'm in love

Said many times looks can be deceiving
But I'm glad He's no respect of person
Even when I don't deserve it
His mercies that extended to me
Just to show His loving on me.


God do loved the world, that He gave His only Son
Whosoever believeth in Him
Shall live and not die, yeah
And when someone gives their life for love
That is to know for me
I'll take it precipitate it, cause He gave it freely to me

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