Baby Cakes

3 Of a Kind

Baby cakes
You just don't know, know
How I I
I like it down low
And I just want you to know
That I think our love will grow
Will take it step by step
Because I'm not something you own [x2]

Confused don't know what I'm feeling
Confused relationships without meaning
In the mist I can see it gleaming
Time to wake up and stop the dreaming
Coz your my lil Baby cakes
And I know you got what it takes
The way you make me feel
The way that I am
when you talk to you friends
And you call me your man
Im gonna tell you right now
That I appriciate it
Your the one for me
Your the real S**t
You was right there from the start
When I was lost you helped me find my mark
Tell her I gotta thank you thank you
Through the bad times I jus picture me and you
With our fun time whether funs loaded
There's just one thing I want you to know

I just want you to know oh oh
That I think our love will grow yeah yeah


Lovin every minute
Just you and me
And I'm still dreaming
You'd be my baby
Maybe there's a possibility
We grow old together live happily
And your grave
Bring out the tiger in me
He says do i never need cursing me
Your the man for me
The one who thinks what will life be like
If our eyes never met
And they say it's a song for everyone
At the first sight you know it's love
See the person and you can't be hostile
Coz you got butterflies in ya belly
That's why I like a different dimension
Coz you can't help it but feel the affections
Sexual tention physical attractions
Instant flip flirtation actions

I just want you to know oh oh
That I think our love wil grow yeah yeah


I I got to know [x4]

The way you look at me
Yeah you pull me closer
Our bodies together
Under the cover
Soft kisses
With ya hands all over
If I have to cry
Then ya cry on my shoulder
Can't get enough
When you loosen my neck
Goes down to my belly
Carress my breast
Well ship your body
Like you were a godess
Your the man for me
Need 2 gimmie the best
Your the number one for me
And it's no contest
For Any other man
Who got no interest
Loving you
Whenever it's wrong or right
I'm thinking of you
Everyday and night
People don't get the wrong idea
It's about us so don't interfere
The way you look at me
Cakes its gotta be
When your out
When your stood right next to me

I just want you to know oh oh
That I think I'll have a go yeah yeah [x4]

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