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Walk Together, Rock Together

7 Seconds

It's not the way we look
It's not our stance our style our hair
Forget those stupid barriers
Take down that flag you wear
Just people living on
With different hearts and different minds
If we live in the same world
Why can't we stand in the same line?

If we can walk together
Why can't we rock together?

No, I dont care
If your into different bands
No cause for such hatred
I'm just a different man
Pull off the cover I will too
And learn to understand
With music deep inside
We'll make world our unity plan

If we can walk together
Why can't we rock together

A label is a label
Ddefinition, nothing more
And because of labels we have placed
We live in constant war
Destory all that tradition
And live before you die
Lets rock together from now on
And never be denied
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