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Keyless Padlock


I tried so hard
I tried to see
Learn from the past
All that's wrong with me

But how can i fix something
If i don't know where it's wrong?
But i see them turning their backs
And going away...

And everything i do
Being myself
The things that i believe...
So rejected

So must i hide
Be away of society
I pretend indifference
But the pain comes ripping back
I just wanted someone
To be proud of me
That would be everything
Everything i need

My dreams are being crushed
Right in front of my eyes
Who should i blame?
What made me become so strange?

And everything i do
Being myself
When i fight for a dream...
So pathetic


Moved by sadness and rage
I locked myself in a cage
They tried to release
But they didn't carry any key

But is there
Is there a damn life
For someone like me in the outside?

I don't want just to be freed
Answers are what i need

But is there
Is there a damn heart
Which is able to dialogue with mine?

It makes no sense to go back
If i'm going to face the same lack of comprehension
Which forces me to be
Someone else
Try to convince me it's worth
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