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Mr. Jones

Al Downing

He was an old black country farmer

Driving home another load of hay

When he came across an accident

On a lonely county highway
He could hear a baby cryin'
See the folks as they lay dyin'

And the mother said with her final breath

The baby has no kin
Won't you please take him in

Give him love and give him all your best
So he took him to the big house
Where he worked as a sharecropper

From that day on he never was alone

When the little white boy
Cut his hand from picking berries

He came running crying to MISTER JONES

Chorus: I'm in trouble come and get me MISTER JONES

Your the only one to help me

In the World I'm so alone

Yes I love you and I need you MISTER JONES

I'm in trouble come and get me MISTER JONES
He grew up and got in trouble
With the law and on the double
Soon his name was known throughout the land
He robbed a bank in Dallas
Killed a man in Oklahoma
Each time he'd take the phone up in his hand
Each time the county sherriff stopped by
A part of MISTER JONES would die
From his eyes the tears began to run
And he began to pray
That he'd live to see the day
He'd hold the boy he raised just like a son
One Saturday night as he lay in jail
From fightin' and just raisin' hell
That Sunday mornin' he picked up the phone
And as the telephone was ringing
Back home in church a choir was singing
The telephone just kept on ringing
And they slowly laid MISTER JONES to rest
And there are those that say
MISTER JONES he just passed away
From a broken heart and just plain unhappiness
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