The Battle Of Love


It never pays, never pays, never pays
to be nice to a villain
Compromise, compromise, compromise
and they do right on stealing
On the streets, on the streets, on the streets it?s
World War III
And the truth is the only thing I?m owed
I keep working for what I?ll never know

This is the battle of love
Love and faith

It?s hard to find, hard to find, hard to find
find a genuine resistance
That generates, generates, generates
something other than indifference
In my heart, in my heart, in me heart
is what?s right and wrong
And the truth is the only thing I?m owed
I keep on working for devils I don?t know

When you?re helpless and hopeless
it causes a certain reaction
To be here in the now at the heart
and the center of action
You gotta give, gotta give, gotta give
like it?s the latest trend
And your reasons,
your reasons are the seed
Don?t you know
you?re part of a new breed?
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