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The Narrow Gates Of Emptiness

Altar of Oblivion

Building to Crisis; a Retreat is no Option
The Plan of Aggression is doomed from its Birth
True to my Oath, I fight to my last Breath
Then you will know that I shall not return

Faces in Blood as the Tale is unfolded
Surrender forbidden; last of my Fiend be killed
The Noose is tightened, my Veins bleeding dry
Oh, God of War; don't leave me here to die

Will you leave me to let me die on my own?
Steal my Thunder and lead me into the Unknown

Left in the Lurch; the Tides are turning
Temperature drops yet still I'm burning
Disease and Despair; the Siege wearing on
My noble Lord; tell me why was I born

Stripped of my Rank; I have failed to conquer
The Kittle will close; increasing Signs of Danger
Starvation begins to reap my Mind and Soul
Failed to assert my vile Authority

Final Triumph, my finest Hour will come
Aim to achieve Salvation from Above

Enduring the Death March
The long Winter Wait
Bombing the Wasteland
Converted to Emptiness

Building a Firewall
Intruders are drawing near
Shelter behind the Faith
In this eternal Tomb

Sectarian Violence
Stemming from Ignorance
Teachings of Wickedness
In this immoral Pool

Controlling the Masses
A System of Fear
Dismissive of Evidence
Taking on the infinite Regress

Full Retreat into the Depths of Hell
Baptized in Blood, there is no Wishing Well
National Mourning; waging War of Attrition
Tattered Collection of walking living Dead

Shrunken Heads of the strangled Remains
Disposal of Bodies; penetrating Reality
Rain turns to Snow; I feel the final Blow
No breaking out; I face eternal Cold

How can I be scared of this Moment of Death?
Staring into the narrow Gates of Emptiness
How can I be scared of this Moment of Death?
When I am staring into the narrow Gates of Emptiness


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