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Fallen Out Of Love

Amy Correia

With wine dark mouths we kiss good night
I can't sleep at all 'cause I know it's not right
The clock plots time like a beggar countin' change
Night's like a knife, crickets cry insane
I wish I was a child sleeping like the dead
And a box of dreams underneath my bed
But I'm lyin' here alone feeling like a fool
Train whistle blows like a baritone saxophone
I'm blue it's over yeah it's true
You don't love me honey and I don't love you
We've fallen out of love
We've fallen out of love
I was looking for a savior but you are just a man
I have to save myself and now I understand
That love doesn't knit you a night full of stars
Carry you off like a baby in its arms
When it feels like a sickness
A paralyzing need
Weakness that crawls on its hands and knees
Well it's not real love and it never will be
Tonight the truth has come and it set me free
Well I guess when it's real
It doesn't make you feel like you're no good
I heard that love
They say that when it's true
You get a feeling inside
You don't have to hide
And baby I feel I gotta hide from you
I can still smell the oil burnin' on the road
Long cadillac kiss nearly killed me outta control
Go home desire
Stop hanging 'round
Leave me alone
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