Natalie Portman Diss Rap

Andy Milonakis

Professional at the age of 13
Beautiful girl wanna get in them jeans
Natalie portman you're a genius
Everyone says I love you but I amean this
I won' starwars cuz that shit is wack
But you were realy fuckin dope in mars attacks
Garden State was ok but it wasn't bag
Did u have fun kissing that zach braff fag?

Portman I'm gonna murder you
Then bitch I'm gonna rape you
I don't know if I love you
Or if I fucking hate you
But im gonna rape you murder and rape you
Na na na na na na na na

Let me cut to the chase ya gonna raped
You blueberry bitch
suck on these grapes
I'm gonna murder you then put my dick in
Your wonder emporiums filled with sin
Then ill make u give me head
I would ask how it feels but your D for Dead
I can't believe I killed you, your my favorite actress
There's blood on my dick and my mother's mattress
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