Wind Your Waist

Anisha Nicole


Ready me ready
I'm so hot so hot
My crew and I'm straight like 6 'clock
We on the dance floor killing it like it's hip-hop
And when the music cut off we still won't stop

I'm in the club, we in the club
DJ playing my music show love
Young girl doing my thang so what's up
So whine your waist and shake your babunk


Up down side to side wind your waist girls
Step up dip it low let your hands roll
Rock your waist like your going off girl
Take it right back to the top
Put around your waist

Now your moving to the rhythm cause the s*** be hot (beep out)
Plus I get up on the floor you know I'm not gone stop
We gonna pop it like it's hot and drop it like it's hot
And shake it all around till we bring it to the top
And we not done we having fun
Follow to the rhythm and the beat of the drum
We gonna wind till we bring up sun
So wind your waist and shake your babunk


I'm in a zone party don't stop till we go home
All my independent girls show me what you're working with
Lets take it back to the days in the basement
Party till your whole waistline start aching
Keep your body moving your heart beat racing
We keep it crunk like Lil' John
Put your hands if you think you're the bomb
R&B Hip Hop dancehall and some
So whine your waist and shake your babunk

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