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Army of The Pharaohs

It is said that once an entire army marched against him,
A real army.

[Verse 1: Planetary]

Pharaoh shit nigga

Yo, I live life according to the Low End Theory,
A champion the trophy goes to me clearly,
Most of these niggas fear me seriously,
I'm a step above God my apostles cheer me.
Tap if you hear the Desert Eagle spittin,
With a 'buhloone mindstate' I start 'ego trippin',
Back in the lab I'm the mad scientist,
Keep ya eye on this, when i roar I'm lioness, yes,
Untamed, my style is mundane, consumed from the moon until the sun done changed,
Done done, i done came, conquered my insanity,
The man in me evolves to my vanity,
All black Tee, Philly fitted with a black P,
Niggas ain't ready for war to blast me, B
Ask me if I give two shits, if you aint Pharaohs, QD, my kids or my bitch.

[Verse 2: Esoteric]

E.S. I made the track rap your dome,
We uncanny like David and Manny,
You chasin' balls, out in left, while I'm circlin' 3rd and being waved home.
Murderin' herbs reveiling words to your nose bone.
I'm Larry Holmes with a left and a right,
I'm Roy Jones winning fights on consecutive nights,
I'm Luke Sky with the blast shield down, cats kneel down, this is boom-bap, real rap, steel sounds.
I watch NESN at 7,
I watch the news at 11 to look for MC's I lyrically murdered and the body's that I deserted,
They probably didn't deserve it, But I had to do it to them, I gotta product line
?? ya'll rap happily ?? so I do it to 'em,
The Mighty Thor with the mind of Michael Moore.
This type of war ends games like the final score.

[Verse 3: Celph Titled]

Celph Titled!
I can't see y'all from where I'm at
I like the smell of napalm in the morning while I'm eating my Apple Jacks
My battle axe acts as a last resort death kill
Quarantine your city, it's about to be a lead spill
Faggots better (FALL BACK)
Said I ain't got (RAW RAPS)
Fuck made you (DOUBT THAT)
Fuck boy (I'M ALL THAT)
Arrows with explosive tips
I'm about to get real ill on some Ill Bill 'Coka Nostra' shit
That's gritty and gangsta
Vinnie, pass me a banger
I'll abort you little sports with a rusty hanger
Parker Brothers say my name, y'all start to stutter
Slicing pussies, I'm a certified carpet cutter
Me with your wife, that's (AUTOMATIC HUMP-ACTION)
Laundry mat thug passion, we wash bundles there
Keep a gun tucked in the motherfucking Snuggles bear

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