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Together Faraway

Ballas Hough Band

Fine, don't you know I'm feeling fine? And I finally cleared my mind,
and now I know it's time, to move on with my life.
Sunny days are hard to find, when you're not with your baby,
and your vision's going hazy.

Then you gotta be the one to take your life and turn it good.
And you want to make a break you gotta leave your neighborhood
Go far from here... I'll teach you how to disappear.
Then maybe we can find a little something special, right here, there's nothing in the way of you and I movin' on
to something better. Together faraway.

My, my, I said you're never gonna know if you sit around and
you don't try, try. And I promise you that, but I have payed
my dues, won't refuse, you snooze you lose. I'm kissing you
bye bye. I said you know we gotta go when the show's cuz'
there's no time, time to be messin' around and I will take you
miles away, from hurricanes, let me say...

Repeat Chorus

And I'm tryin' so hard to please everyone but me, but now
it's down to me. And I find it hard to see, almost every night,
cuz' I wanna make it right


Repeat Chorus
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