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...And Chaos Came From Nowhere


Bounded by my own isolation
And your manipulation
Forced to follow a path of hated, violence and pain
Oblivion oblivion I praise stop it all
And save true and save me heal my wicked soul

Doom, beholder of us your sons
Is my life a joke or what?
You won't answer but I bet you know you know it well
Then kill me, then kill me, I won't move at all
And face you and face you as I've always done
Til the dawn til the dawn til the dawn til I've gone

And I roam like a painful soul
In the streets of a town unknown
And everything around the seems joyful and full of life
I have slain in the name of what?
For a dream I do not belong
I searched my fate there somewhere
.... and chaos came from nowhere

Blowing with the wind
You here their cries
You're blinded by your own dream but my life belongs to me

Burning for your dream
Can't you realize?
You drown in your ambition but my life belongs to me
It's time to let you know that now my life belongs to me

Til the end til the end til the end
... and chaos came from nowhere

I was walking before the dawn
The same faces so strange around
Couldn't see where my path led
While chaos came from nowhere
Trough this darkness my blames come back
And they bring all my shame with them
And I don't realize
That chaos came from everywhere

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