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Contagious Love

Bella Thorne e Zendaya

It might rain just a
Little but yeah we
Dance in it
Rock to the rhythm
And we put are hands
With it
One life to live so we
Live it to the fullest
Young and free yeah
You know how we do it

Head in the clouds
And the sunshines
Hope in your eyes and
It shines that light
Gravity ifself couldn't
Hold you down
Joy inside like a merry go round

And we bring
Back positive energy
Magnetic attract
Haha so we spread
That love now
Everybody share it
Now do it all together now

Hit me up with
Summer love
Need contagious love
And i'II be happy with
Just enough (love)
Let me get that
Contagious love like
Hit me up with
Summer love,everybody need
Contagious love (ohhh)
And I'II be happy with
Just enough (love)
Gimme gimme that
Contagious love

It was smiles over frowns
And we laugh without
Reason, live out loud
Cause our hearts still beating.
Sing on the elevator
Watch how people stare
Capture reaction the moment's
Still there

These are the time
That we live for
So do it big make it count
Reel it in slow
Cause the clock don't stop
Time won't stand still
You're still every moment
That you can feel

Ha ha so we spread that love
Now everybody share it now
Do it all together now
And it'll all work out

Give me up some love
Everybody need
Contagious love
And I'll be happy with just
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