Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Big Brovaz

Thank you for letting me be my self
Again, again, again, again
I never thought that i'd be on the cover
Of a magazine everybodys talkin bout whats
The biggest thought of my dreams so i thank
You for letting me be me no matter what i
Do do do im gonna give the best of me
All my dogs tell me where ya at and all my
Ladies gather round cause guess what yes yall
We are back turn your speakers up and let you
Base bump in you house till your neighbors
Start bop go head and express your self cause
Nothing gets you higher than you get your self
Get jumpin in the mall not tryin to get you down
Sing along to the chorus to the
Song when it come around man

Thank you for letting me be my self
Again again again again
Again again again again

Dont be scerd uh uh i make up my
Throws so were go the most people
I dont know what there so scared of me
Fo when this the same thing where ever
We go they get hypnotized and sing
What we flow you need some big bro
In your soul believe me let go and
Let us take control id like to speek
To the peeps it the least i could do
Cause if it wasnt for you thanks it
Wouldnt be possible
Thank you for letting me be what i
Wanted to be right from the started
You helped me make it for while to went
Out to you glad to be a part from this
Great experience im so delerious that
We made it this far raise your hands
Up high its big bro for life it thank
My lucky stars

Thank you for lettin me be my self
Again again again again
Again again again again

At the very start people like bark bark
And now er like woof woof party people
Who dont give a woof raise the woof woof
Move bak to a higher level now gettin more
Back from our supporting people so i say
Bark all the haters who wouldnt believe
In us and i say bark all the people who
Told us we couldnt bust so here we are
Now blowing up now i just wanna thank you today
Best that we back at when we came to the
Usa we all happy to bring magic we knew
We was all gonna make it cause we just too
Real that we cant fake it we now bring it see
Me being me is the thing i do i ant never ever
Had to change before i keep it real for my dogs
Make up jump off the floor from the front to
The back i make um walk like this

Thank you for letting me be my self
Again again again again
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