Along the road


This morning I was thinking about my life
Too much work and no time to have fun
I just don't know what I have to do
I only know that I have to run

So I asked a fortuneteller about my future
Will I be happy? Rich? Are you sure?
She said: "I can see, it's all in the cards."
"Hey son, my crystal ball never lied before"

She said: "I can see the sun and the seashore
for your delight
And pretty tanned angels dancing every night
A world full of happiness...This is what I see.
And I see a long highway. It's where you have to be"

So I took my pick-up truck and I went
down along the road
Where life is good and take your (my) blues away
To meet senõritas, to drink Margaritas along the road
Friendly modest people, fiesta every night and day
I left my heart in Tennessee, but I Know what is good to me
From now on all I want is to live and die along the road


Now I've got all I really need
Blue skies, brown eyes, just for me
I miss so much my hometown
Someday I'll be back... but not right now...

From now on all I want is to live and die along the road
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