Hit Em' Up Styile (Oops) [Real Version]

Blu Cantrell

While he was schemin'
I was beamin' in the Bimmer just beamin'
Can't believe that I caught my man cheatin'
So I found another way to make him pay for it all
So I went to Neiman-Marcus on a shopping spree
And on the way I grabbed Sole and Mia
And as the cashbox rang I thought everything away

Oops, there goes the dreams we used to say
Oops, there goes the time we spent away
Oops, there goes the love I had
But you cheated on me and that's for that now
Oops, there goes the house we made a home
Oops, there goes you'll never leave me alone
Oops, for all the lies you told me this is what you own

Hey ladies
When ya man wanna get buck wild
Just go back and hit em' up style
Get your hands on his cash and
Spend it to the last dime for all the hard times
Oh, when you go then everything goes
From the crib to the ride and all the clothes
So ya betta let him know that if he mess
You gotta hit em' up

While he was braggin'
I was comin' down the hill just a-draggin'
All his pictures and clothes in a bag and
Sold everything else till there was just nothing left
And I paid all the bills about a month to late
It's a shame we have to play these games
The love we had just went away



All of the dreams you sold
Left me out in the cold
What happened to the days when we used to trust eachother
And all of the things I sold will take you until you get old
To get em' back without me
'Cuz revenge is better then money you see

[Repeat Chorus 1x]
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