Amongst The Graves

Born From Pain

Hate consumes all
(and)i can't see the end
Angered eyes, raging fists
Fueled so shameless
Bells for the final round
All the world has gone mad
Bring forth the end of times
As this world drowns in death
As i watch it burn

All have failed to see
Submerged in misery
Nightmares come to live
Escape the genoicide

Hell has come to earth
Pain pours from staring eyes
Man and beast become one
Where justice has long died
Searching for reason
Forever finding it's grave
Sanity becomes abandoned
None of us that will be saved
As i watch it burn

Murdered children, murdered thruth
Death's call's glorified
No horror, to claim it's new
A global homicide
Burning beds, go up in flames
Future's looking dark
Still we walk, amongst the graves
Still we walk...
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