A Piece Of Mind

Break The Silence

Satisfaction of deluded senses, to cater to the fear's expenses.
The sound that violates, the love that always hates.
As it breaks me down, I enjoy all I can.
Fighting what you hated...what I longed for, how long we waited.
Dying wishes break me, overbearing as they take me.
Infection in a strain of passion, to take another final action. To tear inside of me recklessly and shred the life right out of me.
Offer you nothing, because what can I give? To drain my world of what I need to live.
To listen to the words...shot by a rubber bullet.
Fighting what you hated: It's what I longed for.
Stay right here, with me, this whole time.
We can't lose what we can't find.
Over the great undying threats...and if they ask, we never met. To take away this promise...I can't begin to see...
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