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Warning Signs

Burning Witch

No return
No remorse
No second try
Worry free
Over you and me
The world - caught in everlasting flames
And the future stays the same
The tree - springs from seeds deep within me
And i know the way

By design warning signs

Hope you pay with your life
Silent witness
Faces stare right back at me
We fight on
Land where time/space began
No easy way
You were so easy

By design warning signs

Hope you pay...
Told the world it's so easy
Victimless tragedy
Hold the world inside of me
It was so open

You took the warning signs and chose to hold
Through stratospheres unknown we boldly go
Morning returns you to the world you know
You suffer worlds away
I won't give way
Adventure overoose
I won't give it to you

Always know
Run the world foolish
I won't see the way
Worry free
Over you and me
I politely won't
No return over worlds away
And far that you pay
No i won't go fulfill your dreams
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