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Your secrets safe with me (and all of my friends)

Call it Karma

Forgive me for intruding
But I believe I was the one who mentioned love first
For every word that I said to you, for every glance sent across the room,
for every moment that we shared
We still, we still know that the best that I can give you will never be enough

The best that I can give you will never be enough

Oh well, everyone has those days were we wake up alone
We wake up alone
So turn around, your life is over here
And I will be surprised if there's a day where I can say that I..

That I dont love you anymore, I never will

This is my world
You wont take it
You wont take my dignity
Dig up those secrets beneath your chest

You know the past cant save us, have the future pull you through
I know you'll dream about me, I'll be there in the end
I will be there in the end

The night you sang to me, I finally realized what I had to live for
I dont want to die anymore

I wont leave without you
I cant live without you.
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