Bud, Were Gonna Need a Janitor

Call it Karma

This silence says everything
I can feel your feet walking over me
And your fingernails are digging too deep for my skin

But this is only the beginning until I go and float through the clouds

I can feel the knife turning
And the sirens are fading now
And I can see the blood flowin
And the crowd will all witness the end

I'll take the pistol
And put it into my mouth
Pull the trigger
And the whole world just seems to stop

You take my final goodbyes as I take aim to myself

End my life
Don't try to stop me

This will be the last time you'll catch this face looking back at you
Just know this is all your fault
And this will be the last time I try and make something of myself

Dont worry about me
Everything is fine
Now all eyes are on me
And the whole world stops

This will be the last time I'll catch you stealing the air from my lungs
And this story will go untold, untold, untold!
You were a hero and no one wants to be like you
You were my hero
I aim to be just like you

Pull the trigger
Stay back!
Pull the trigger
This will hurt you!
Pull the trigger
Watch this end!
Pull the trigger
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