Dreaming of Heaven

Carter Hulsey

I will never remind you, it's time to leave
That would mean less time for me to breathe
I will never, try and touch you first
I don't want any chance that you could get my curse

So if you must go
And by that I mean if you must fly away
And if you must leave
And by that I mean if I must wake up from my sleep
How will I know, I wasn't dreaming of heaven

I know you can't hear me anymore
Theres too many walls, too many doors
But as you walk away wont you think of me
Remember us how we used to be

Before we go down

The water fell from the sky
It rained all day and all night
And the rivers flooded our whole town
So I swam to your house so we could float around

And I said, before we go down
I have to tell ya that I love ya
Before we go down
I hope you know that I care
Cause I kept all these words
Bottled up so tight
But tonight's the night I'll tell ya
Your the love of my life

Our plane came tumbling from the sky
We fell so fast, we were up so high
And ya didnt even make a sound
But I held your hand, till we hit the ground
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