Love Hacker


Who exactly are you?
When did we stop being "us"?
Suddenly my love appeared in front of her
What is this? (YunSok)
Please disappear, go far away
I hope this beautiful love we had doesn't ever appear again (MinHyuk)

I can't live without her, please understand that..
There's not one thing this heart wouldn't to to keep my princess..(TaeHyung)
My love for her is the only thing that I can't give up..
Even if it turns out to be the death of me
I'll protect this love until the world ends..(HoSuk)

Give up my love.. Someday.. her love will come..(JongHyuk)
I can't change everything to get her as my love..(TaeHyung)
Keep on my heart.. I won't change.. I'll keep this love forever..
Don't make me have to sway and tremble in front of her a second time
Trust me..(JongHyuk)

Go, please get out of my way
I seem to only be able to think of her each day
I'll give you all the passion, all my love,
And all the dreams that I stored up for a lifetime (MinHyuk)
Please leave and let me forget you a bit
Divorce me from this feeling that we are one in love
Now please get out of my head (YunSok)

My heart couldn't express itself properly to her..
It disappears from in front of us
I guess that I won't be able to make my love come true
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