7-3=7 (with Nizi and)


We look at you with praying hearts that we'll be forever
Do you know that the hard times were covered by your smiles?
Sometimes we turned our backs to you..
But we'll tell you our honest hearts right now
To you who always smiled shyly yo come on

*Just like those smiles you gave us
We prayed that we'll be together for a long time
Since a long time ago,
Our hearts were fallen in yours.

Do you remember?
The past times, how happy we were, the memories we had..
I cant express this in words
The red faced-shy smiles you gave to us,
we cant forget it.

***Do you remember when we first met?
The promise? Even if the forgotten love happens,
In the Dreaming times, our endless Speeding..
You made us seem like long lasting lovers
Oh sky~ let us be forever
And also, to you, I want to tell you something
Our love is never changing To Be continued

repeat *

The numerous events that we made mistakes on,
The playful words we said..
We hope you know that in our hearts,
It was always for you.

Even if the world is deceiving you
Our hearts are inside of yours
And we belive that in our hearts,
That NIZI is always with us.
In the future, even when we become adults
Promise us that you'll never forget it when we were together
Since you are here, we are here too
I hope you remember, NIZI FOREVER

Even if the world is to an end and we are here hopelessly,
Your smiles and our memories will protect us

I hope we are forever in our small but precious songs
Even if the time goes on and changes
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