Bleeding Hearts Club OC Chpt

Closed Heart Surgery

I can't deal with this pain
This pain deals with me
Hard to believe what's happend
It's such a surreal scene
Unreal to me
Still dreamin'
About your geometry
For courage for talkin'
So what's stoppin' me?

It takes half the time
Of memorable nights
To sit and regret
All the arguments and fights
The soft touch of her warm skin
And all the people
That she's ever been with

In this room and she's downstairs
Love and loss-does she still care
One last chance i've got i swear
I should just give up

In this room and he's upstairs
Love and loss-but i still care
One last chance we've got i swear
Please don't mess this up

Pointless discussions
Over cigarettes
Filled with regret
Picturing your sillhouette
I can't remember the fights
That you mentioned
Just the after thoughts
And sexual tensions
The natural progression
From intellectual aggression
To special attention
To your sensual sections
I needed every last word
Failin' to realize
How right i was wrong
Until you were gone

It burns in my cehst
What do i make of this mess
That i call my present
State of living
I'm trying my best
In a room full of friends
It never matters
When she's always missing
Replay the scenarios
Over and over again
Repeat em' one more time
Let 'em scream in my head
Giving up's the easy way out
And what then
What do i do now
What can i do
To her i'm dead

One last night together
Let me hold you in my arms
Look deep into my eyes
My soul is yours to harm
Place your hand on my heart
Feel the beating
All it takes is one promise
To heal the bleeding
If you leave tomorrow
My conscioinse will follow
And i'll live in this city
With a chest thats hollow
But i'll still drive you
To the airport
And carry ya bags
I want you to see the moment
You tear me in half

Six months of depression
Six months of frustration
Can you just give me
One conversation
It won't have to end
In hatred's rage
Save me, save us
Save everything we've made
The three hardest words
For me to say
8 letters kept me
From you every single day
If it can stop you
From getting on that plane
Then fuck it, i love you
Please don't go away
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