How Can I Tell You

Crown Of Thorns

I saw the girl standing alone,i just stood there watching
Took all my courage as i crossed the room
As she turned and looked at me i was struck by lightening
But there we were,iguess it wasn't meant to be

I know that heart is breaking - i know!
You know that our love is fading,we can't be together - No!

How can i tell you that i love you
When all you do is turn and walk away
How can i tell you that i need you

Oh,it happened suddenly,i found myself drowning
Nothing could save me,i was on my own
And girl,you lent no sympathy
I can't fight temptations,these feelings i had
And now all we have,we've thrown away

Bridge repeat
Have i waited too long to tell you?

Chorus repeat

Chorus repeat
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