The Awakening Of Gaia


She waits for their sleep, quietly
Everything stands still, hypnotized


She trembles, she'll revenge her beloved sons
All their lies fall like leaves
Time has stopped the eyes

"Io son la grande madre, dea casta della luna i venti in coro cantano il mio nome signora di magia la forza mia primeva la vostra infausta razza punirà "

She screams, winds shout her breath
She'll destroy everything
Sounds fade in air

She cries all her tears, oceans give her hate
All the sirens sing no more, waves devour the rain

"So sure they could decide not only for their own destiny,
But for their own mother
Relying on their technologies
And so she reacted, and we will all feel the effects for years to come"

She burns, arms of flames tear this agony
Quietly she cleans their flesh
There is nothing left

"We all come from the mother and to her we shall return
Like a drop of rain flowing to the oceans"

Earth is my body
Water my blood
Air is my breathe
And fire is my spirit

Oh... Where am i?
Mother i can see you again
It's a new birth!
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