Breaking And Entering

Danger Is My Middle Name

What do think of me now, I got you to hum along
And touch your lips with the words that sit on the tip of my tongue
Your eyes say, "What are you waiting for?" am I right or wrong?
Give it a shot, take the hints that you drop, and get it done
I know what goes down tonight
Break into someones house and kill all the lights
I'm calling, calling, calling, I'm gonna call all the shots tonight
What do you think of me now, would you take me for everything?
You're holding this grudge like you're holding a gun and I'm on my knees
And I'll say, "What are you waiting for, I'm on the edge of my seat"
make up your mind, take the shot, make me drop come on make me scream
I know what goes down tonight
I can break your hear and or make it skip a beat
I can bring the world down to its knees
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