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My Guidance


Take your time to focus the mind
To explore the world from a different sight
Say things straight, don't hesitate
To be yourself in this fucked-up place

Break the habits, control your life
Reject the kind of integrated mind
Get over the fence - with self-confidence
Don't live your life for that someone else

Another day, another mind bends
Fuck this world enslaved

Values produced by someone else
Opinions lacking the common sense
Pressures of life growing day by day
Once believer has lost his way

Sinking below all standards
Glow in the eye fades
No place for head to lay
Loosing the will of life
The air is not worth breathing
The deepest end of misery

Need someone to blame for everything
Use the mirror to frame the guilty
Ruler of races - at what cost
Turned the world into paradise lost
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