My "2 Girls 1 Cup"

Dave Days

I thought i was the only one
who knew just how to have fun
now my greatest fantasy
is right in front of me

lets throw out the toilet
what a waste of space
poop on my face
holy shit! literally 100% free

just kidding thats gross
why eat poop when you've got toast?!

i couldn't believe my eyes
the first few seconds were pretty nice
the thought of me throwing up? impossible!
they ate that shit like A POPSICLE

what the hell was that
someone give these women their dignity back
has poop become the latest snack?
SHITS WACK! haha get it?!

forget bulimia! watch 2 girls 1 cup!
i guarantee you will throw up!
holy shit literally! what the FFF....

You think these bitches might be hard on a dick
but instead they poopin in cups and garglin shit
half a billion views, this is horribly wrong
somebody tell these women that they morals is gone
i got sent a link, but its the fact that i followed it
instead of flushin it, the broad actually swallowed it
man watch the video its evil what she do
MAN I don't eat SHIT people I eat food!!

poop! if you eat it does it come out food?
im never gonna take another poo.
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