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Deadly Curse

Deadly Curse

There's no destiny for me
my days are counted
and the evil that's inside me
destroy my soul slowly

I see the face of death
she is waiting for me
every night I hear her voice
calling me to go away

tears of blood on my face
hallucinations doing my head
till when will I live tormented?
Dying Deep inside!!

I'll walk on the dark side
until death take me away
no one can help me
because I am the deadly curse

deadly curse
will take me to hell
deadly curse
eternally in my soul
deadly curse
curse of demon
deadly curse
painfull waiting

now I'm the true evil
the kindness rotting around me
paying for all my sins
the monster waiting for mercy

the gates of hell open wide
this is the beginning of suffering
everything is forgotten
all my love, all my hope
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