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Different ways

Deadly Fate

Is there a new world beyond these walls?
Is the a meaning for the life does it really matters
If I choose the easiest way?
Is the a judge above us all?

Oh can't you see? You're the master of your life
And you are free so let all your heart lead you
For love and peace, joy and security
Pride and ecstasy... I leave you all... My message

When mother eagle pushes her eaglet from the cliff
She knows he can fly
When the big whales come to shore even knowing
Their death ahead
What do they want to tell us?
When the people are saved by the dolphins
Guiding them to dry land
Why do we all have to die when
Age brings us wisdom... Isn't it stranger?
Why some pass through the life even
Without knowing that?
It´s time to wake up
Why do we look for our happiness outside ourselves

God should I really go?
There´s so many things to show
Why can´t I understand?
When we´re close at hand
life has different ways to show the way

Why do we fell a sensation of being in a place before?
Without being there
Are there any angels and spirits helping the prayers
Or is the power of their mind
Is there wasn't any evil would the good exist
I will care if I am right and I´ll choose my way of life
I´ll face my destiny with pride

We are in charge of
Creating a new world and
Die against the sensitive of life
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