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Concubine of the Lord

Demonic Christ

Come forth with your lies
I see your deceit, malefestation
My fury intensifies in your dreams
Torment from the lords your reality is death

Concubine of the Gods
Drop you to your knees
Confess of your betrayals

Tell me as you begin to die
(First stage of your death)
You succeed only to self-destruct
Disfigure you with my fist

Emotions wither with sympathy no tears to be shed
You have become the Chosen one
(Concubine of the Gods)

Hang you by your feet, whips snap across your body
Tell me is your god alive
(No heroes no God)
I offer you to be devoured
(Your light ripped apart)
I've nailed you to the mental cross
(Cast down no survival)
You have become the chosen one
(Concubine of the Gods die)

Enter abyss endless flight of doom
Demons raping-gouging-goring-slicing-slivering
Concubine regrets of your betrayal
I send you down offer you to the lords
Your pain is absolute (suffer your guilt)
You'll never see the light in a world of decay
Concubine your descent is endless engulfed by the flames

Lords laugh with joy, I cast you down into this inferno
You crossed the wrong one now you become the slave
Of evil interest

Lies is what you are meet the Gods of pain they scream your name
Concubine did you think you could escape
For this you will die weeping (never ending pain)
Concubine your blood so sweet passing through my hands
Spilling from the lines, spilling from your throat
Concubine stab at thee, take from me and offer thee blood set free
Concubine enter descent
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