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Denying Soul

Despond Womb

Diging up the past searching for some trust
Burning with my memories exhausted till the dust
Am destroyed and weak of this delirium and sick
My soul disjoined me and flying high and deep
I became a corps confused and completely lost
Upon my skin pain is streaming as a ghost
In the forest of fear and pain I roamed with my soul and laid
On the arid leaves of memories waiting the final delivery
Get me out of here rescue me of this fear am only soul and this my final call
Iam suffering and pain is gathered deep and deep in me and all because of thee
I hate ur pain I hate ir life I hate ur fear u never even feel
None cares of u or the things u do and u just lonely fool and able not to chose
Suicide...give me my deliverance...suicide
Suicide...I'v no more of tolerance
Suicide...ur deeds in vain and helped non of us
My soul is slowly flowing through my red dying
Under the darkness am lying with those voices in mind
On wings of death am flying with no fear am crying
My soul just walked away fra away denying....me

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