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Stronger Light (Living Water)


Would you be the same
If you could fly high up in the sky
Would you be the same
If you could live ten times longer

Would you be the same if all the gold on Earth was in your hands
How much would you pay to make your dreams come true

Something greater has happened to me
I just can't hold it inside

Don't you walk away
Like running from the devil
It's a heartache
I give you living water
But it's poison what you're after
Why can't you say?

Won't you help someone who's asking for salvation
Maybe you don't know but that's the situation of your soul
Your good deeds won't save you anymore
Gotta change the way you look at the world

Look at the sky and try to see
A strong light besides the sun
Open your mind and take the next turn
Something will change in your life
(Let the lights comes to your life)

Is it so hard to understand?
Believe in me
I've been lost before
And now I know
There is a chance for everyone
Just open your heart
There's someone there for you
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