Family Album


Look at me
just seventeen
everybody respects me
So much more than my father ever had
Poor man
Death came so soon
He couldn't handle so much pressure
He chose to trade his life
for a bottle of drink
"Stop drinking while you can"
My mom used to say
"You and that doctor know nothing about me"
my father would never listen

(part two)

He should have listened
Mother Mary always knew about things
onde day my father didn't wake up
and with red eyes she said to me
Life must go on
We cannot give up
We have each other
the Lord will make us strong
but time went by
my ears have closed
to everything which was true
my mother would fight
day after day
for me to have the best
but I wanted more
higher flights
so I went away
and a woman was left behind
crying at the gates
her last words
"I'll be praying for you..."
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