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Every Day, More and More

Diante do Trono

I Hear Your Call
I Hear You Knocking On My Door
Your Sweet Perfume, Your Lovely Voice
Draw Me To Your Arms
I Want To Rise Up And Let You In
I Don't Wanna Be Away From You
'Cause Religion Just Doesn't Satisfy
All I Want Is You, Jesus

I Wanna Seek Your Face
Every Day
More And More And More
I Wanna Be With You
Every Day
More And More And More
Be Surrounded By Your Glory
I Desire To See Your Face, Oh Lord

Every Day More And More

As Time Goes By The Flame Begins To Grow Cold
But Just The Thought Of Your Eyes, Those Eyes Of Fire
Stirs The Hunger In Me
Come With Your Fire , Burn In My Heart Again
I Don't Wanna Miss The Time Of Your Visitation
I Wait For You With Great Expectation
All I Want Is You, Jesus
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