Dim Chris

Dim chris is a bit of a legend in his native france. Iisten to fun radio and you could be lucky enough to catch his weekly show, which came about off the back of a top 5 national hit, 'sucker', a track that spent a whopping 9 weeks in the top 10. turn on the tv and you may catch him on their specialist dance channel clubbing tv. head out on a friday or a saturday night and you'll likely find him in the country's best venues, be it toulouse, lyon or, of course, paris (and even then, that's when he isn't overseas). in short, the man is at the apex of the gallic house movement.

Globally, his name reaches the four corners of the earth through his remixes and productions, which includes artists and labels such as dennis ferrer, robbie rivera, thomas gold, david vendetta, armada, pacha, paradise, stoney boy and many more...

And throughout all this prolific activity mutant's john dahlback was never far away as chris explains, "I'd been lucky enough to remix a couple of john's tracks and we shared a label here in france, so were always in very close company. Le'd also keep bumping into each other at events such as miami and the amsterdam dance event meaning mutants was never far away from my thoughts; when I finished 'show' I knew it would be the perfect home for it. luckily john agreed and snapped it up instantly!"

Indeed, 'show' has all the peak-time pedigree you'd come to expect from mutants; a perfectly produced slice of dirty electro stabs, rolling drums, anthemic riffs and dramatic break that's book-ended with the title-deriving spoken vocal that informs, 'we're going to the show!' "I made this record purely with the club in mind," concludes chris, "an audio show all of it's own. I just hope people want to see, or rather, hear it now!"
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