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(sharpay) it's out whit the old and in whit the now good-bye clouds of gray,hello skies of blue a dip in the pool,a trip to the spa endless days in my chaise the whole wolrd according to ''moi'' (excuse me? thank you!) ice tea imported form england lifeguards imported from spain towe is imported from turkey and turkey imported from maine(sharpay e ryan)we're gonna relax and renew(sharpay)you...go...do! l want fabulous bigger and better and best l need something inspiring to help me ge along is that so wrong? fetch me my jimmy choo flip-flops where is me my pink prata tote? l need my tiffany hair band and then l can go for a float (ryan e sharpay) a summer like never before (sharpay) l want more (ryan e sharpay) she wants fabulous that is her simple request all things fabulous bigger and better and best she needs something inspiring to help her get along she needs a little fabulous is that so wrong?(ensemble) fabulous pool,fabulous splash! (sharpay:read my lisp!) fabulous parties,even fabulous trash! fabulous fashion (sharpay: no!),fabulous bling! (sharpay:yeah!) she's got to have fabulous everything! (ryan sharpay)nothing to discuss everything's got to be perfect for ''me''! sharpay (ryan sharpay) she want's fabulous (nooooo)that is her simple request (not fabulous)all things fabulous (l need fabulous) bigger and better and best (noooo)she needs something inspiring to help her get along(not fabulous)she needs a little fabulous (l need...
is that so wrong? (fa-bu-lous (sharpay) this won't do that 's a bore that's insulting l need more ! l need,l need,l need,l need,l nedd,l need,l nedd fabulous! (l want fabulous !) (make me! ) (sharpay) fabulous hair,fabulous style! fabulous eyes,and that fabulous smile! (sharpay) oh,l like what l see l like it a lot (sharpay)absolutey fabulous?(ryan sharpay)fabulous,fabulous,fabulous (sharpay)absolutey... ....not
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