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The Lion King - Always Finds a Way


Always Finds A Way

I'm not strong, I'm not fast,
When it comes to endurance, I just can't last.
So I'll get out of gym, like I have in the past,
Like the time you wore that useful bodycast.

I always find a way,
He always finds a way.
Noone can produce, an excellent excuse like you,
What can I say.

He always finds a way!
A pathetic wheeze,
A powerful sneeze.
Like the time you filled your ears up with cottage cheese,

And said it was because of my sweat allergies,
That one got me out of gym with ease.
I always find a way,
He always finds a way.

He can easily create,
With simple ????????.
His gym period stay!
He always finds a way,
He always finds a way.
But not today!
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