Wishing (feat. Chris Brown, LyQuin & Skeme)

Dj Drama

Haha, back at it
Baby, I’mma make a wish
And I want you to make one
Nah, don’t tell me yet
We talk about that later
DJ Drama

I ain’t like them other niggas, you see that I’m different
I creep on the late night, I stay on a mission
Got all types of different bitches
Pussy wet and dripping, I been like sipping
I eat the pussy with precision
6 rings, Jordan, Pippen
I do gymnastics with a brick and flip it
Money to the ceiling, no I ain’t tripping
No conversation
These niggas bitches be texting and sending emojis
But no I don’t say shit
He try to hang with the homies but tell on the gang
Boy you a straight bitch
And now your girl coming over give me that booty
Know it’s amazing
Loving these bitches, got into trouble with bitches
Can’t fuck with these bitches

Baby you know who I am
And girl I know just who you are
We ain’t gotta rush into shit
Cause being in love is too hard
I’m tired of all these flashing lights
Girl we should just fuck in the dark
Once you let me in it
I’mma get to switching, different positions

Have that ass wishing that I was your nigga
Wishing that I was your nigga, yeah yeah yeah
Wishing that I was your nigga, yeah
Once you let me in it, I’mma get to switching, different positions
Have that ass wishing that I was your nigga

I know you got niggas, why you wanna be mines?
On your tippy toes when I hit her from behind
Oh my God, shawty I ain’t even lying
What you know bout me, bout me
Playing with the D girl, have you in the zone

Make a movie how you climaxing in my phone
Got that Nia Long, now you gotta a little Jones for me
Now you after that, ride on this dick til you crash in that
Flipping and turning you up in the air like an acrobat
Turn on the camera, this movie we making is action packed
Safe sex is great sex, it’s a wrap, Quin

Pull up on me and my shawty
I show you I fuck with you strong
I’m on that 12 Play, and promise you baby
I don’t see nothing wrong
With you pulling up to the house
And me fucking you on this couch

I got long paper, ain’t got no neighbors
So no one gon hear when you shout
Baby just come through for me tonight
You the best, promise you I’m with the shits
I ain’t got too much to do
Ain’t got nothing to do, ain’t got nothing cept you on the list
Baby I know all your spots
So say is you with it tonight?
Cause once I fuck you like I wanna fuck you girl
You gon want retire tonight, yeah

Wishing that I was your nigga
Wishing that I was your nigga
Oh, oh, wish I was yours
Haha, wishing that I was your nigga
Breezy holla at me
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