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Death in Emptiness

Doom Architect

How, how long exists shadow of trice
Furrow divided in madness
Embrace your death, she writhe and cry
For cannot take you with herself

In great impatience I will depart
Serene sky pretends that doesn't see it
And eating egoism is in my heart
Isolate and calm me freely make through something

Euphoria in desease
I follow the touch of a skytrasher
Manure with reuse you'll never came so crisis is
Grower of a sick in sickness life as die I love
Game go do it is it will so high but soon I die

Lord waits for a borrowed place having squeezed the teeth
Behold his unfortunate face for at will be the same

Training myself swore loneliness
Laugher through tears again
Their crystal souls is emptiness
I have to go astray

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