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A Waste Of Mind


You seem to think you know it all
But your capacity is small
You're all talk, won't shut up
And you drive me up a wall
Talk like you're tough
I think I've heard enough
I've got no time
For a waste of my mind

It really eats right through my head
Sometimes I wish that you were dead
Sicken me, revolt me
I can't relate to a thing you've said
Your ego makes me ill
I think I've had my fill
You're so tough and mean
You're a waste of my mind

They say , "a penny for your thoughts"
I say their getting ripped off
You don't think, you just talk
You make it so damn hard
For me to have an open mind
When I'm around you and your kind
I don't think you've got a mind
You're a waste of mine

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