Anger. Tostility towards the opposition! 187 l.a. trademark,
Don't come to the killing fields if you ain't got no fucking
Heart, cuz willie, ira and daryl will get you - got you -
Fucked up and dead will be the way you walk. Damn right, I
Hate l.a. Swine with a passion gee cuzz my pops was killed by
The fucking l.a.p.d! Yes they killed my daddy! yup they killed
My daddy! And if I don't blast 'em back, you know they gonna
Fucking kill me, do me like they did natasha, back turned from
A gat hollow tip to the dome they got ya. Spril 29, l.a. swine
Not guilty, fools down for the payback on florence and norman-
Dy. Cnger! coming straight from the l.a. concrete, true blue
Motherfucker about for generations deep. But who's the real
Motherfucker though, and what does that fake know about mot-
Herfucking south central! Wool! what you know about a set or a
Sign, you fake motherfucker. Bever ever seen a nine. but if I
Catch you slippin' punk, I'm gonna fade ya cuzz set ain't down
With that getto perpetraitor! Anger! april 29, florence to
Normandy! Jack for my human rights and ya catch a puu puu!
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