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Sega Method

Drive-by Argument

And your life you may have lost,
with the settling of dust
but we wont be disappointed when a glass half empty's done
and if you say it was nothing and its gone
a pessimistic ideal to blame it on,
another graceful attempt at making love,
we're making love, I'm making love

So they close their eyes
and sometimes this is someone else's fight.
And I'll just lie here with this faint chalk outline
We are just lovers too
and this changes everything.
I need to get this out of my mouth
I've got to pull it together.

And your lives may be a droplet in the sea
but if you want to follow someone
I'd make sure it wasn't me, it won't be me
but I guess I'm content with this life I lead
honestly i've got bad days on my sheet,
but the night is still young lets please not leave,
lets please not leave.


I'll try my best to be someone, but I try my best to be some
you take your time every chance you've got but this is,
this is all you want,
you try your best to sit and stare but no one dare, no one dare speak up
so this could be the day that we could die,
there is no more time

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