All I Wanted

Dudu Braga

I wanted a house by the sea
I wanted some time in peace
And the moon by the ocean

I wanted to fight for things
I reckon to be worth it
Make my own revolution
Make my own revolution

I wanted that true love thing
Look at you and see my dreams
But I know it ain’t ease

I wanted go back in time
Change your ways to find mine
Have my days just for you and I
Have my days just for you and I

But baby, things are so confusing
Cuz all we need is what we’ve got
The secrets that I’ve been looking
In these melodies
The distance that I’ve been fighting off
Makes no sense to me…

But you gave me up
You give it up
All you’re looking for

But you’re the one
Who caught my soul
To set on fire
But couldn’t run away for freedom

What secrets have I been looking
Through these melodies?
What distance have I been fighting off?
It makes no sense to me…
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