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My Brain


Dull, bulgy and deformed structure without brace
small tumultuous cosmos with no control and sensations
confused in chaos and in damp colors
it rotates around

it rotates on axles transfixing it
forcing it to new alterations
it is unstable and harmful

it carries unhealthy hopes
old sorrows could surface again
awakening never soothed rages
cautiously taken far from fire

burning inside
electrical impulses set its throb
it commands, judges, dominates
it forces you to follow it
to darkness or to light
it doesn't care about you

rebel yourself to it
nothing changes, he wins, you loose
arrest yourself, listen to it,
follow it softly
nothing is different, it always plays

it doesn't care about you
it doesn't care about you
it is always part of you
it involves every part of you
it receives you into its hostile womb
it deceives you, asking new questions

building doubts and hindrances
you are not able to defend from
forced to stay with it all life long
you don't realize you are the material impediment
and when it leaves your journey
you'll be forced to follow it again
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